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Rules of Play

WYS Rules



  • Parents are responsible for insuring that their children are properly registered for each upcoming season. Registration is held twice each year in accordance with WYS rules.
  • Parents who are unable to attend one of the walk-in registrations must register by mail prior to the last day of registration to avoid late fees.
  • Parents are responsible for providing their medical information on the day of registration. Failure to provide this information may result in their child being ineligible to play.
  • Parents are responsible for presenting birth certificates at registration for players who have not played in WYS within the past two seasons. Birth certificates must bear the original seal or imprint of the issuing municipality. New registrants cannot be accepted without certification of birth date.
  • Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their children to and from games and practices. A roster of team members is provided so that car pools may be arranged.
  • Parents should verify all information on the roster relative to your child. Report any incorrect information to the coach immediately so that the records can be updated.
  • It is important that WYS have the correct night time phone number on record since it is the only means of contacting you.
  • Please insure that your child is on time for practices and at the field at the time specified by the coach prior to scheduled game time.
  • Arrange to have your child picked up promptly after games and practices. Coaches must wait until all children have been picked up before leaving the field so as to not leave children unsupervised. Please be considerate of those who are donating their time for your children.
  • Parents, relatives and spectators shall stay off the playing field during games. All spectators should be located not less then three (3) yards from the outside of the sideline nor should they be closer than 20 yards to the goal line or behind the goal line.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the sidelines or near the playing area.
  • Parents, relatives and spectators should not yell instructions, criticisms, or other verbal statements to the players during games. This is very distracting to the players. Parents should be applauding the children.
  • Parents must adhere to the WYS Zero Tolerance rule. Yelling at or speaking to the referee in a disrespectful manner before, during or after the game is prohibited.
  • Parents are responsible that all jewelry worn by their children is removed; including necklaces, earrings and metal hair fasteners, etc. No player is allowed to use a band-aid or a piece of tape to cover earrings or other visible body piercings. No exceptions.
  • Read the list of player responsibilities to your child and help your child meet them.


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