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Rules of Play

WYS Rules



  • Players are responsible to be on time for all practices and games. Arrive at the field when instructed to by the coach for warm ups and position assignments.

  • Tell the coach in advance if you are unable to attend a game or practice.

  • All jewelry must be removed, including necklaces, earrings and metal hair fasteners, etc. No player is allowed to use a band-aid or a piece of tape to cover earrings or other visible body piercings. No exceptions.

  • Eye glasses should be on elastic straps so they won't fall off.

  • Players are not allowed to play with a cast or metal splint, padded or unpadded.

  • Players should not wear or carry anything which could possibly cause injury to themselves or others. Referees can exclude any player who, in their opinion, is wearing something which may cause injury.

  • Players must wear the complete uniform provided by WYS; jersey, shorts and socks. Jerseys should be worn tucked into the shorts. Shin pads are also required. Cleats are recommended.

  • Cleats shall be an approved rubber type. Metal cleats, baseball or football type cleats shall not be worn. Non-regulation shoes must be changed prior to the player playing in the game.

  • Make sure shoelaces are tied tightly before a game.

  • Don't use offensive, insulting or abusive language at games or practices.

  • Players must adhere to the WYS Zero Tolerance rule. Yelling at or speaking to the referee in a disrespectful manner before, during or after the game is prohibited.

  • Players should make every effort to attend one practice during the week.

  • Support your teammates in word and deed at all times.

  • Don't make negative comments about your teammates or the way they play.

  • Don't make negative comments about your opponents or the way they play. Talk up your own team instead.

  • Negative behavior will be acted upon by the Sportsmanship Committee.

  • Players must adhere to the WYS Player’s Code of Conduct.

  • The FIFA Laws of the Game shall govern all games except as noted in the WYS Rules of Play.


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