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Rules of Play

WYS Rules


Referee Responsibilities

         No individual may function as a referee unless duly registered and insured by WYS.

         Referees shall arrive at the field at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time to inspect the playing field, nets are secure, corner flags are in place, and any dangerous objects are removed.

         Referees shall notify the Referee Director as soon as possible if unable to referee a scheduled game.

         Referees shall inspect all players equipment prior to the start of the games and not permit players to participate in games unless they are wearing the complete uniform prescribed by WYS (jerseys, shorts, socks, shin pads, and approved footwear).

         Referees should give the Coaches a two-minute warning before calling the Captains for the coin toss. The visiting team should be established to call the coin toss and the choices explained. The coin toss winner has the choice of goal to attack.

         Referees shall maintain control of the game and comment constructively to players and coaches as required.

         Referees shall not become involved in arguments or confrontations. Yellow cards and red cards shall be given to players and coaches in conformance with the rules of the game of soccer.

         Referees shall report all incidents of player, coach or spectator misconduct to the Referee Director. Referees shall warn the offending individual as to the consequences of continued misconduct.

         The FIFA Laws of the Game shall govern all games except as noted in the WYS Rules of Play.


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